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Launched in the spring of 2011 by Katie Hunt of Kelp Designs, Tradeshow Bootcamp offers webinar and in-person workshops to help small businesses prepare for the wholesale market and large scale tradeshows. We cover everything from booth logistics, product development, creating sales tools such as catalogs, order forms and line sheets, working with sales reps, feedback from retailers and the media as well as general business courses throughout the year.

TSBC brings together a powerful group of stationery industry veterans to share first-hand experiences of building a small business and a number of valuable resources that took years to uncover through trial & error. Our workshops go beyond the basics of exhibiting, saving you hours of research time and giving you access to a community of colleagues who know what you can expect.

TSBC speakers have participated in the National Stationery Show, New York Now, Atlanta Gift Show, CA Gift Show and others. The TSBC speaking roster has included an amazing line-up of stationery manufacturers, retailers / buyers, sales reps, consultants and members of the media.

Tradeshow Bootcamp evolved from the belief that the more we share with one another, the stronger our individual businesses and our industry will become. TSBC has helped hundreds of stationery and gift companies, and we are very proud of the community we’ve built together.

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