Here at Tradeshow Bootcamp, we aim to provide our business owners with three essential tools: community, collaboration and education.

With all of our programs, we are working to elevate the stationery and gift industries by fostering a community spirit and helping individual business owners build sustainable, profitable companies.

Our primary focus is on providing the necessary knowledge, tools and mentors for our campers to prepare for the wholesale market and large-scale trade shows. But it doesn’t stop there – we’re here to help you through it all, from building a rock solid business foundation to creating streamlined operations so you can scale with ease.

But our programs, both in-person and digital, are more than a meeting of the minds. They are a curated space for those with generous hearts, fierce determination, inexhaustible passion and creative spirits to learn and grow together.

Whether you are attending Paper Camp, jumping into our digital programs, or exploring our community through the Podcast, come on in!

While you’re here, you can expect to learn. Booth logistics, product development, sales tools, order forms and line sheets, working with sales reps, even general business practices – we’ve got it covered through our camps, e-courses and free resources.

You can expect to get to know our Camp Counselors. These are stationery industry veterans that we bring in to share their first-hand experience, powerful resources and invaluable knowledge at every event. Our Camp Counselors are stationery manufacturers, retailers and buyers, sales reps, consultants and members of the media. They truly come from every corner of the industry to contribute their time and talent for you to succeed. TSBC speakers have participated in the National Stationery Show, New York Now, Atlanta Gift Show, CA Gift Show, and more.

You can expect support and accountability. We pride ourselves on the community we’ve built here since our launch in February 2011. Our alumni network is made up of hundreds of stationery and gift companies, all tackling the very same hurdles and celebrating the very same wins that you face every day.

So, get comfy. Settle in. Stay a while!

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