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I’ve been an alum for some time now and have seen TSBC blossom. From the teleconferences, to webinars to Paper Camp (twice)! Why do I keep coming back for more….even after exhibiting at NSS in 2013? Because there is ALWAYS something new to learn. The TSBC community is amazing and I never could have taken the leap without the guidance and tips learned. And my business how grown so much because of it as well. You cannot put a price on the true value of such a fabulous community of designers. I heart TSBC! -Julie Stewart, Kiss and Punch Designs, 2011 – 2014
-Julie Stewart, Kiss and Punch Designs, 2011 - 2014
As someone who recently ventured into the world of paper, TSBC was THE best investment that I made. The information and resources that I received from this wonderfully supportive community was paramount to how I planned out my calendar for the upcoming year. Regardless of where you are in your business, TSBC will shed light on a new idea, different perspective, or expert knowledge from the field — all such helpful tools to help your company thrive. A big thanks and hugs to Katie and all the speakers for cultivating TSBC. I’ll be back!  
Patricia Shen, Our Heiday, 2014