Episode 14
Heather Harris, Copper Bottom Design Co.

on how to know if you’re ready for overseas manufacturing, how the whole process works, and common errors people make when they’re creating day planners

TSBC Alum, Heather Harris has been designing day planners and desk products since 2004 for clients including momAgenda, Barney’s, Brooks Brothers, and Tiffany & Co. In 2015, she branched out on her own to start Copper Bottom Design Co. where she and her team help product based businesses with design, proofreading and overseas production. On today’s episode, we’re talking how to know if you’re ready for overseas manufacturing, common errors people make when creating day planners and how her past experiences and skills have led her to create a thriving, enriching business for herself.


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Some Love Notes For Our Podcast

Katie Knows Her Stuff
“If you want to know how to bring a beautiful product to market & succeed with flying colors, Katie Hunt and Tradeshow Bootcamp have got you covered.”
– Tara Gentile

Smart + Actionable Advice
“Katie Hunt, founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp, is so incredibly nice and down to earth, but she doesn’t mess around when it comes to providing valuable advice. She knows her stuff, and has a unique ability to deliver on the information GOLD that is important to know, and the info that packs a big punch to make a DIFFERENCE for wholesale product businesses. Can’t wait to hear more episodes and learn more from Katie and the alumni!”
– LoveInvites

The Best Community!
“Katie Hunt’s Tradeshow Bootcamp community is rich with resources and inspiring stories to help you work smarter, not harder. Each episode is like talking shop with a friend over coffee. It’s so nice to know that while I may be working alone in my business, I am not alone in this industry. I have the Proof to Product podcast to keep me motivated and educated so I can build a better business.”
– heobst

Such valuable info for free!
“I work in this product business community, and these conversations are the ones we have behind the scenes over a glass of wine. They’re usually pretty closely guarded secrets about how we’ve grown our businesses and the mistakes we made along the way. It’s refreshing and awesome to hear these conversations shared for the benefit of people starting new businesses, and for feeling solidarity that I’m not alone in my struggles as an entrepreneur! I’ve paid quite a bit of money in the past to hear these kinds of stories and get this kind of info – and here it is for free! Rad.”
– Letterpressbabe

Fun and Helpful!
“The host is gracious and asks great questions. Super helpful to people at any stage of designing a product line! From newbies to vets, there’s a great info and war stories for everyone.”
– Liz Cooke

A must-listen if you’re in the paper products biz
“I’ve been building a paper based product company for two years and I learned more in three podcasts with Katie than I did my first year. Pure gold.”
– TanyaBB2016

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