Project Description


Briana and Jason of We Are Brainstorm exhibited at the National Stationery Show for the second time in 2014. They had a 60 sq ft corner booth under the low ceiling area. They built their own hard walls and have used them for the last two years. They love being able to set up the booth in their studio and configure their display before they arrive at the show. Their clip on lights were purchased at Home Depot / Lowes and spray painted to match the booth. Their first year they used daylight bulbs which were too bright and ‘felt sterile’ so they opted for warmer bulbs in 2014 and were much happeier. They purchased their flooring from Rubber Flooring Inc. Their logo and other signage was handpainted onto their walls. They chose to keep their product displayed minimal and place a stronger emphasis on their catalog, which worked well for them. The simpler booth required less hanging, less furniture and a calmer vibe for both them and buyers.

We Are Brainstorm

NSS 2014

DIY Hard Walls

Clip-on lights from Home Depot

Foam floor tiles

Hand painted logo onto the wall

Wood from Home Depot

Recycled wood box and small chair