Project Description


Following the February Paper Camp, I started getting a lot of requests for an east coast Paper Camp. So we packed up and headed to the Washington D.C. metro area in October. The two day conference was held at the Westin Alexandria, where we welcomed 28 new students to the TSBC family.

New speakers included Heather Haynie and Dani Antol of Rock Paper Scissors in Virginia, who joined our retailer panel offering insight as to who their customer are, how they purchase items for their store and what they expect of designers they work with. Nole Garey of Oh So Beautiful Paper joined us for our media outreach discussion and Kimberley Yurkiewics of Crow & Canary was a wealth of knowledge about getting your products in front of the buyers, creating effective catalogs and offered great feedback / product reviews during the 1-1 sessions.

Photography by:
Mary Kate McKenna Photography


Washington, DC


Katie Hunt, Kelp Designs + Tradeshow Bootcamp
Carina Murray, Crow & Canary
Claudia Smith, Fig. 2 Design Studio
Dani Antol, Rock Paper Scissors
Erika Firm, Delphine
Heather Haynie, Rock Paper Scissors
Kimberley Yurkiewics, Crow & Canary
Nole Garey, Oh So Beautiful Paper
Rachael Hetzel, Pistachio Press


Legion Paper
Lettuce Apps