Project Description


Parrott Design’s booth consisted of an 80sq ft in-line booth under the low ceilings at Javits. Sarah and her team designed and built the booth in Rhode Island than drove into NY via a U-haul van, saving significantly on shipping costs . The hard walls were built from 1/4″ plywood with 2x3s for the frame. She has used the same 6 clip on lights from Ikea for two years, and did not use a parcan. The jute rug was literally pulled up from a room at her house (easy, convenient and free!). The rug was durable and a neutral shade that hid dirt well yet cleaned easily. Her signs and booth numbers were made from wood and cut with a CNC Router at a local shop. They sanded and spray painted the sign and hung with small nails and glue dots. Shelves were made out of wood and L-brackets purchased at Home depot in 2013. She reused them in 2014 and spray painted them for a different look. Sarah purchased a vintage credenza from Craigslist and 2 chairs from – both pieces are now being used at her studio everyday. 2014 was Sarah’s second year exhibiting at the National Stationery Show. I love that blue accent wall!

Parrott Design Studio

NSS 2014

DIY hard walls

Clip-on lights from IKEA

Jute rug from home

Painted wood

Wood + L-brackets from Home Depot

Craigslist +