Project Description


NSS 2014 was Life is Funny’s first year at the National Stationery Show and he had a 80 sq ft booth in the low ceiling area at Javits. He built his booth using 2x2s and .25in birch plywood from home Depot. For shelves, Adam used 2 pieces of 1x2s from Home Depot, nailed them together and painted. He pre-drilled and hung everything before he shipped the booth and was able to hang everything in NY with only a screwdriver. While the walls were built to easily stand alone, the shelves screwed into the frame made the walls even more sturdy and he had no problems with cards falling off the shelves. He spent about $800 total on wood, paint, clip on lights and vinyl. Adam found a 3/8in faux wood foam tiles on Amazon. The vinyl was purchased locally in Los Angeles for approximately $200. He used Showtime Express to ship across the country and is now storing his pallet in New Jersey for the year. Shipping was $0.75 per pound. Adam recommends cutting costs wherever you can and not pre-printing inventory if you’re a printer.

Life is Funny

NSS 2014

DIY hard walls

Custom lamp + clamp lights

Carpeted foam interlocking tiles

Custom vinyl

Custom shelving built to wall