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October – November 2015

Do you want to see your products lining the shelves of retail shops big and small? We can help you get there.

We’ll show you how to launch or refine your wholesale program and exhibit at large scale trade shows.

This e-course provides you with more resources, information and flexibility than ever before.


Did you know that on average small businesses, like us, spend $7,000 – 10,000 to exhibit at large trade shows such as National Stationery Show or NY Now? This includes the booth, marketing, sales tools and travel & lodging but it DOES NOT include the cost to produce new products.

Here’s the point, running a wholesale business is hard and trade shows are time intensive and expensive; we’ll give you all the tools you need so that you avoid mistakes, save you money and provide you with a supportive community.

This 7 week e-course will explain how to create, refine and launch a wholesale program and take it to market. Most of the same great content from our in-person Paper Camp, but with the ability to do it at home in your PJs and on your own time.

We’ll dive deep into strategies for creating your product, building effective sales tools, reaching the right customers, and strengthening relationships with buyers, media, and sales reps to grow your business.

Hands on, practical, how-to stuff so you can hit the ground running.

You want to 

      • Explore new revenue streams for your business.
      • Expand your line to include more product categories.
      • Sell your products to retail stores near and far.
      • Grow your sales team & build professional sales tools.
      • Discover new vendors and resources to grow your business.
      • Exhibit at shows like National Stationery Show or NY Now.
      • Be a member of a supportive community of industry pros.

These TSBC Alums did too and now they are

As someone who recently ventured into the world of paper, TSBC was THE best investment that I made. Regardless of where you are in your business, TSBC will shed light on a new idea, different perspective, or expert knowledge from the field.
Patricia Shen, Our Heiday
TSBC was an absolute game-changer. I’ve had my business of a few years now and was starting to feel a bit restless and stuck. TSBC showed me I have so much yet to do, and I feel rejuvenated again. I’m armed and ready to take my business to the next step.
Genevieve Santos, Le Petit Elefant
It’s impossible to quantify the impact that TSBC has made to our business. It has made every challenge that has come our way as small business owners possible to overcome.
Morgan Calderini, Ladyfingers Letterpress
TSBC was a fountain of invaluable information! Hearing from brands in the industry who have actually been through it with real experiences & stories and knowledge was incredible. Being in TSBC was inspiring, motivating and so helpful in setting realistic goals and expectations of what a trade show will be like!
Danni Hong, Oh Hello, Friend

speaker founder katie hunt
I HAVE A STATIONERY LINE, TOO. It’s called Kelp Designs. I exhibited at the National Stationery Show for the first time in 2009 and in a lot of ways it felt like a complete disaster. Yet, I walked away with a few orders and a lot of lessons learned.

I tell my story in the course; but in short, pay attention to fire-proofing requirements, people.

MY BACKGROUND IS IN BUSINESS. I have a dual MBA in finance and marketing and I’ve coached small businesses (and some big ones too) for 15 years on business planning, client development, marketing strategies and selling wholesale.

I started TSBC in 2011 because I wanted to help my fellow creative entrepreneurs build sustainable, profitable businesses. I firmly believe that the more we share with one another, the stronger our individual companies and our industry will become.

TSBC SPEAKERS WERE JUST LIKE YOU We experienced ups, downs, had questions and fears. Still do! We learned a lot along the way and we’ve shared this information with more than 525 companies who are thriving.

New to the Industry?

If so, we’ll help you get started on the right foot. We’ll review industry standards for product packaging, sizing and explain why you need to be releasing new products regularly.

We’ll share pricing strategies for different print methods, standard minimum order quantities (a.k.a. MOQ) and explain why you need a minimum dollar requirement for wholesale orders. The norm is $100 for new accounts, if you were wondering.

Already Wholesaling?

We’ll help you assess whether trade shows are a good next step and walk you through EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of how to exhibit. Seriously, this section includes over 2 hours of amazing tips.

And, we’ll provide marketing strategies to ensure you’re reaching the right buyers who are a good fit for your aesthetic and products. A small but targeted list of contacts will lead to the most sales.

We have a lot of experience coaching stationery + gift companies.
Collectively, our panelists have:
in the industry
under our belt
we’ve coached



Via an online portal &
accountability emails
each week.


7 Weeks:
E-Course starts Oct 5
and runs
through Nov 20


Earlybird rate: $899
(register by Sept 25)
Standard rate: $1099
*Payment plans avail.


Space is limited.
Registrations closes
October 2nd!
Snag your spot!

How Does This Work?

E-course content will be released via our online portal each week, for 7 weeks. Each topic builds upon the next and we want you to have time to digest and process each week’s material before we move on.

You’ll complete prep work and watch the videos on your own and we’ll have a group coaching call (Q&A style) each Wednesday at noon PT.

If you can’t make the live coaching call, don’t sweat it. You’ll have time to submit questions ahead of time in our private forum and the audio recording will be available to everyone each week.

      • Mondays: Video coursework shared in the online portal.
      • Wednesdays: Group office hours via phone with Katie Hunt.
      • Ongoing: Discussions in our class forum.

Buyers WANT to work with TSBC alums:

I can tell right away who has done TSBC based on how easy it is to order. Your alums know what they are doing and make it easy for me to order.”
Audrey Woollen, Urbanic
Whenever we are looking for fresh new products for Sweet Paper, we check out #TSBCalum on Instagram. It gives us direct visual access to a specific group of new and emerging designers who are professionals and understand the stationery business. I know my experience with any alum of TSBC will be seamless.
Julie O'Brien, Sweet Paper

October 5 – 9

  • Developing your product line for wholesale (greeting cards, boxed notes, and paper gift items).
  • Industry standards for pricing, packaging, and sales strategies.
  • Minimum quantities, release schedules and more.
  • Video recording with feedback from Katie Hunt, Erika Firm of Analog Creative Co. and Jen Pham-Corbett of Farewell Paperie.
  • Goal:  You’ll obtain a clearer picture of whether you’re ready to sell wholesale.  If you need to add new products, diversify your product line or change your pricing, you’ll know how to make these changes.
October 12 – 16

  • In-depth discussion about how to sell custom work through stores
  • How to design books (size, layout, what to include).
  • Pricing strategies and how there are two prices to consider (the book & your invitations).
  • Logistics of how to exhibit, sell and ship albums.
  • Video recording with feedback from Katie Hunt, Claudia Smith of Fig. 2 Design and Kimberley Yurkiewicz of Crow & Canary.
  • Goal:  You’ll be primed to navigate the complex world of selling custom stationery pieces through retail stores.  
October 19 – 23

  • Building an easy to use order form and effective catalog.
  • Determining your sales terms + conditions for wholesale.
  • Road reps vs. showroom reps including process, commissions and how they differ.
  • Benchmarks for determining if you’re ready to work with reps.
  • Video recording with feedback from Katie Hunt and Carina Murray of Crow & Canary.
  • Goal:  You’ll gain confidence knowing how to display your product line in the best light possible to gain more sales and increase your  chances of working with sales reps.
October 26 – 30

  • Designing a booth that mirrors your brand
  • Soup to nuts review of all booth components – walls, floors, lighting, signage + displays including options & resources.
  • How to get everything to NY – driving it in, shipping small boxes, or shipping a crate / pallet.
  • Pros and Cons of sharing a booth.
  • Video recording includes feedback from Katie Hunt, Rachael Hetzel of Pistachio Press and Amber Ellis-Seguine of Flywheel Press
  • Goal:  You’ll hone in on whether exhibiting is right for you and you’ll be ready to tackle your booth design.
November  2 – 6

  • Your mailing list is gold.  We’ll tell you why you need to focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • Marketing strategies for reaching retailers around a show and outside of show time.
  • In-depth look at pre-show mailers, including samples of alumni mailers.
  • Industry awards, with thoughts on where to spend your money.
  • Video recording includes feedback from Katie Hunt and Julie O’Brien of Sweet Paper.
  • Goal: You’ll refine your mailing list and trade show marketing strategies to reach the right stores

November  9 – 13

  • Submission guidelines.
  • Traditional media vs online media.
  • Best practices + common mistakes for pitching the media.
  • Press Kit tips and how to make your booth press friendly.
  • Video recording includes feedback from Sarah Schwartz of Stationery Trends Magazine, Nole Garey of Oh So Beautiful Paper and Kimberly Baker of Great American Media Services
  • Goal:  You’ll be comfortable pitching different types of media with success and know how to put together a press kit.
November  16 – 20

  • Customer outreach with a focus on customer service + relationship building
  • Buying preferences – when, what and how do retailers buy.
  • What retailers expect of new lines they work with
  • How and when retailers like to be contacted.  How much follow-up is too much.
  • Video recording includes feedback from Heather Haynie of Rock Paper Scissors and Samantha Finigan of Gus & Ruby Letterpress
  • Goal:  You’ll have a clearer understanding of who your customer is and how to reach them.

Registration Includes

10+ hours of video content.
16 industry experts providing feedback.
7 hours of group coaching during office hours.
Private group during e-course for questions & camaraderie.
Access to TSBC alumni forum upon conclusion of e-course.

Bonus Resources

Bonus Videos
TSBC online vendor directory.
Worksheets, resources guides + articles.
Freebies + discounts to help your business.
A community of colleagues ready to cheer you on!

tradeshow and webinar speakers

Our TSBC panelists are the best of the best in the industry.  They come from a wide variety of roles and offer unique perspectives as manufacturers, retailers / buyers, sales reps and members of the media.  They candidly tell their stories, dispense advice and share their point of view in our e-course videos in an effort to help you succeed.

Tradeshow Bootcamp
Kelp Designs

Flywheel Press

Crow and Canary

Fig. 2 Design Studio

Analog Creative Co.

Rock Paper Scissors

Farewell Paperie

Sweet Paper

Crow & Canary

Great American Media Services

Oh So Beautiful Paper

Pistachio Press

Iron Curtain Press

Gus & Ruby

Stationery Trends
The Paper Chronicles

The Paper Cub Co.


TSBC E-Course registration and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Tickets to TSBC programs are sold individually and valid for one participant.  If you have a business partner or colleague who would like to attend, you will each need to register for the course separately. Each registered attendee (individual) receives access to the e-course materials as well as the TSBC Paper Camp alumni forum.

Tradeshow Bootcamp was founded by Katie Hunt of Kelp Designs, but made possible by many supportive people in the stationery industry! Tradeshow Bootcamp evolved from the fact that we are members of a very collaborative industry and the belief that the more we can share with one another, the stronger our individual businesses and our stationery community will become. Tradeshow Bootcamp has helped more than 525 stationery + gift companies successfully prepare for large tradeshows and the wholesale market. We look forward to having you join us!

TSBC Alumni Feedback

TSBC isn’t a one time, learn it all, move on type of thing. TSBC is a fluid ever evolving resource that is truly valuable to the first time attendee and the seasoned veteran.
Amber Ellis-Seguine, Flywheel Press
TSBC is a must-do for any aspiring stationer. I couldn’t have made a better investment in my business! Not only was it informative and practical, it also gave me a ton of inspiration and drive to take my business to the next level.
Cara Underwood, Underwood Letterpress
As a small business one of the hardest challenges we face is deciding how we’d like to invest our funds. TSBC was by far one of the best investments we’ve made!
Genina Ramirez, LowCountry Paper Co.
Katie and all of the other speakers are so candid about their experiences and so willing to help on any and all levels, whatever a student’s specific goals may be. I am beyond thrilled to be included in the TSBC community.
Adam Smith, Life is Funny


Thank you for considering TSBC’s Paper Camp E-Course! I’ve been where you are. I started a business while juggling babies and a day job. I wanted to grow my business quickly, but strategically, so I know first hand how hard it is to decide where to invest your time and money.

We want to make it easier for you to run your business.

I truly believe that TSBC will help you fast forward your business. I can confidently say that TSBC is the best resource out there for stationery and gift companies who are interested in selling wholesale and doing trade shows.

How can I be so sure?

  • I learn something new EVERY time I host a TSBC program. We’re #alwayslearning
  • Retailers prefer buying from TSBC alums, because they are professional and prepared.
  • Our TSBC Alums are killing it.  And, you will too.

This course has developed over four years with the help of more than 70 industry professionals. We’ve worked with more than 525 companies who are thriving and we’ve built an incredible community based on collaboration. A community that is ready and waiting to help you.

I hope you’ll join us this fall.  I look forward to working with you and learning more about your business.