I just started my business this year, so I worried that it might be too early for me to invest in Paper Camp, but it was perfect timing! I have complete and clear understanding of my options now, and am determined to pursue wholesale. I know I am on the right path, armed with the right information thanks to Paper Camp!

Judith Mayer
Printerly Press

I am very grateful for what TSBC has done for me. I can’t tell you how much things have changed for the better thanks to your program. When I attended Paper Camp, I had roughly 20 stores and I wasn’t working with sales reps. Less than one year later, my products are in 124 stores including Paper Source. And, I’m working with 22 reps! The wisdom shared by TSBC speakers and your encouraging words played a huge part in this growth. Thank you thank you thank you!

Lisa Sarmento
Tiramisu Paperie

I came away from Paper Camp feeling confident and inspired to take my stationery business to the next level. The guest speakers and other campers provided me with amazing insight into different arenas of the stationery world - developing a cohesive product line, working with retailers, preparing for NSS, marketing and so much more. Thank you, TSBC, for fostering this amazing community of creative thinkers!

Francesca Fuges
Loudhouse Creative

PaperCamp was a blast! The connection I feel to the stationery community, the confidence and resources I walked away with, and the accessibility to leaders in the industry is unparalleled. You can't get this kind of support anywhere else.

Marit Bockelie
The Bremerton Letterpress Co.

TSBC Paper Camp was an absolute game-changer. I've had my business of a few years now and was starting to feel a bit restless and stuck. Paper Camp showed me I have so much yet to do, and I feel rejuvenated again. I'm armed and ready to take my business to the next step.

Genevieve Santos
Le Petit Elefant

As a small business one of the hardest challenges we face is deciding how we'd like to invest our funds. TSBC was by far one of the best investments we've made!!! Thrilled to be a part of such an amazing community!

Genina Ramirez
Lowcountry Paper Co.

I've been an alum for some time now and have seen TSBC blossom. From the teleconferences, to webinars to Paper Camp (twice)! Why do I keep coming back for more....even after exhibiting at NSS in 2013? Because there is ALWAYS something new to learn. The TSBC community is amazing and I never could have taken the leap without the guidance and tips learned. And my business has grown so much because of it. You cannot put a price on the true value of such a fabulous community of designers. I heart TSBC!

Julie Stewart
Kiss and Punch Designs

The days were intense, full of information and advice, and extremely inspirational; best of all was being able to connect with Katie, the speakers, and all the other attendees. I left camp feeling confident and empowered that I now have the knowledge to take my business to the next level.

Lichia Liu

It's impossible to quantify the impact that TSBC has made to our business. It was the kick in the pants, the knowledge in the noggin and the online support community that has made every challenge that has come our way as small business owners possible to overcome. Sign up! Attend! Win!

Morgan Calderini + Arley-Rose Torsone
Ladyfingers Letterpress

Paper Camp is a must-do for any aspiring stationer. I couldn't have made a better investment in my business! Not only was it informative and practical, it also gave me a ton of inspiration and drive to take my business to the next level. I'm thrilled to be an alum and now part of the fabulous Tradeshow Bootcamp community.

Cara Underwood
Underwood Letterpress

TSBC is a necessity for anyone even thinking about entering the wholesale stationery business. The panelists and group at TSBC are willing to share their successes and pitfalls in a fun, community atmosphere. I felt very comfortable asking 'stupid' questions and everyone was warm and inviting which was very surprising in a room full of competitors.

I feel confident and way more prepared and I am so glad I attended this intensive workshop. My wife attended the webinar and I attended Paper Camp and personally found the networking and meeting new friends one of the perks of attending a TSBC in-person. If possible, I recommend the latter. The TSBC binder you receive when you attend Paper Camp is so useful and informative. It is now called the 'Tradeshow Bible' in our house. I have it open on my desk at all times and I'm constantly referencing it for advice, vendor recommendations and planning tips.

Grant Klein
Golden Fox Goods

Tradeshow Bootcamp was a great help and inspiration for me. I have been selling my own jewelry for a few years now and have been to tradeshows on the West Coast but never any in NY. TSBC helped me with understanding all the logistics that go into doing a NY show. In addition, I am new to the stationery world and all the knowledge I gained about industry standards was invaluable. I am so happy to be apart of the TSBC family now. The forum is just amazing I love how the community keeps growing and growing. Thanks again to Katie and everyone else who contributed to the panels!

Jen Murse

This community is really something special. I'm forever grateful for being included. Best money I've ever spent, investing in myself & my business. Paper Camp forever

Sara McNally
Constellation & Co.

I am 110% satisfied with my decision to attend. I can't believe how much I DIDN'T know!


The greatest thing I took away from my experience with Tradeshow Bootcamp was direction. In only two days, Paper Camp nurtured confidence and support through discussion and a wealth of applicable knowledge. I not only feel comfortable taking the next step as a growing business, but feel prepared to respond effectively when confronted with set-backs. I firmly believe that I will look back on attending this seminar as a defining moment in my business, my career, and even my life.

Lindsey Warriner
Warren Tales

TSBC's Paper Camp was a truly worthwhile investment for my small business. The weekend-long course was expertly executed and packed with information for the maker and/or designer looking to take the next step and expand his/her business into wholesale and beyond. When I say packed with information, I mean it- every angle was covered, from a maker's perspective, to a buyer's perspective, to a store owner's perspective. I truly felt that the information conveyed was real talk- no sugarcoating allowed! In addition to providing a wealth of knowledge, Katie and her talented support staff of speakers did everything they could to make it an energetic and engaging weekend filled with fun paper products (it was Paper Camp, after all) and an emphasis on networking with our camper peers.

I feel that no amount of Googling or outside research could equate to what I took away from Paper Camp. If you're serious about taking the next step with your creative small business, definitely consider attending TS

Stephanie Harvey

What an amazing experience! Our company has been thinking about a move into wholesale since we opened in 2010. After years of walking NSS, we took the leap this year. Having the time to sit down and think about this new aspect of our business every week was invaluable. The additional resources that are a part of the program, in particular the Facebook group, are an amazing community to become a part of. Katie is generous and thoughtful in the construction of the program. I would highly, highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering showing. Three cheers for TSBC!!!

Morgan Calderini + Arley-Rose Torsone
Ladyfingers Letterpress

I can't say enough good things about TSBC! It is a shining beacon of light in the uncharted waters of the world of trade shows! Katie has truly though of everything - all topics that eventually come up as you're preparing for the show are covered explained, and if for some reason that still leaves you with more questions (maybe it's about a particular setup, or a special unique case or problem), TSBC has you covered with the invaluable private facebook group where all your questions will be discussed and answered by tradeshow veterans. Makes the process of getting ready and exhibiting much more assured to proceed boldly! Thanks, Katie!

Ursula Jaroszewicz
Pepper Press

Thank the paper gods that we found Tradeshow Bootcamp & friends! We had already exhibited in a small tradeshow, but having the resources of the TSBC webinars and the in-person Paper Camp just opened up that many more doors for our wholesale operation. It's really the best info out there and proof that good things grow into their own. It has quickly become an invaluable community of our favorite industry peers and friends. Advice, resources, support--all of it comes with being a TSBC alum. Whether you're just developing your product line or have experience with wholesale accounts already, there's always something to learn from the multiple resource channels of this awesome program.

Jen Pham-Corbett
Farewell Paperie

What you've created with Tradeshow Bootcamp is an amazing resource that just keeps on giving and teaching... from the original recordings and paper resources to the wealth of ongoing information in the alumni forum. Not only have I learned so much and made so many real-life friends from my colleagues, but I have also had the chance to share and give back. It's truly a special series filled with special people who are smart and kind.

Rebekah Tennis
Wild Ink Press

I am very honored and proud to be a speaker for TSBC. The greatest thing about being a speaker is realizing we still learn so much every time. TSBC isn't a one time, learn it all, move on type of thing. TSBC is a fluid ever evolving resource that is truly valuable to the first time attendee and the seasoned veteran. Kudos Katie for a job well done, and a noble desire to bring our amazing community even closer.

Amber Ellis-Seguine
Flywheel Press

TSBC was a fountain of invaluable information! Hearing from brands in the industry who have actually been through it with real experiences, stories and knowledge was incredible. Being in TSBC was inspiring, motivating and so helpful in setting realistic goals and expectations of what a trade show will be like! Thanks to everyone at TSBC!

Danni Hong
Oh Hello Friend

I thought I was signing up for a wonderful weekend of Paper Camp in Los Angeles. I knew I was going to learn a lot. But whoa. I had no idea what a wonderful community I was getting myself into. I haven't even attended NSS yet, but already I know that Paper Camp was the single best thing I could have done for myself, for my business in advance of the show. I am working super hard but I am not panicking - which I surely would be by now without the amazing resources of Paper Camp and the ongoing support since.

Rosanna Kvernmo
Iron Curtain Press

Knowing I was at least a year out from exhibiting at NSS, I went into the Paper Camp to get an idea of what to expect. I left with so much more than that!! I was inspired from the creative sense and motivated from the business sense by each and every person in the room. The variety of perspectives was invaluable. The entire workshop was organized, relevant and fun!! I would sign up again in a heartbeat. The network of talented people you get to be a part of as alumni is FANTASTIC - I continue to learn every day from all of them. It is so unique to be a part of a group who genuinely care about the success of all their peers... I love it!

Melissa Copeland
Franny Bee Designs

Even though I've been working full-time on building my stationery business for more than four years, doing a trade show is a huge leap to make. TSBC is like having two very important things for trade show success. The first is a springboard full of information to help you launch yourself into this crazy process. The second is a security blanket made up of newbies and alumni that support you in whatever way you might need. TSBC is well worth the investment!

Cyn Thomas
RiverDog Prints

It's hard to say what these workshops did NOT cover. Such a great roundup of what you need to do to prepare for a tradeshow. I love that you get perspectives and insight from exhibitors who had shown for the first time, retailers, veterans, and sales reps. The facebook group allows you to stay in touch with this great community - amazing, amazing!!

Cindy LaColla

TSBC really helped prepare me for my first trade show experience. As a newbie there's so much to learn it can be overwhelming, but Tradeshow Bootcamp really helped take a lot of the guess work out. I also love being a part of the alumni community which allows me to ask professional advice and network within this amazing group of stationers. Worth every penny!

Shayna Norwood
Steel Petal Press

The weekend that I spent at Tradeshow Bootcamp was amazing. Packed full of information from experienced tradeshow exhibitors, it has made exhibiting at NSS feel much less intimidating. I think one of the most valuable features is the access you get to the TSBC facebook group which has been an incredible ongoing resource of up to the minute updates, reminders and information. A great investment without question.

Sarah Hodges
Cake for Charlie

TSBC was like a comforting best friend that held my hand in preparation for NSS, my first trade show ever. The information given made me feel prepared and ready for the big event. And it continues to help a year later. With the Facebook page, I know if I need some help with almost any biz related question, there will be someone in our community who will help. INVALUABLE!

Liz Glasgow
The White Cabinet

11,000 buyers, 800 exhibiting companies, 300 members of the press and not a nervous bone in my body -- that's what Tradeshow Bootcamp did for The Pampered Pixel's debut at the National Stationery Show.

Roxanne Davis
The Pampered Pixel

I have walked NSS a couple of times in past years, and felt sort of good about exhibiting my line for the first time in 2014. That being said, I knew I could learn a lot at TSBC. I was not wrong. All the thoughts swirling around in my giant head now are turning into a much more concise plan. Katie and all of the other speakers are so candid about their specific experiences, and so willing to help on any and all levels, whatever a student's specific goals may be. I am beyond thrilled to be included in the TSBC community, and look forward to learning more and pushing myself toward my 2014 goals with the best support group around as a backbone. NSS 2014, get ready.

Adam Smith
Life is Funny Press

Signing up for the TSBC was one of the best decisions we made! We were planning on attending the NSS 2012 and wanted to be sure we were going into being a first time exhibitor with eyes wide open. Because of the in-depth coverage of every detail pertaining to exhibiting, we realized we were just not quite ready. These classes are more valuable than words can express! The wisdom and insight passed on was amazing. As a bonus, we are so excited to meet our new friends in the industry at the NSS this month while we walk the show. I will be anxious to squeeze all of them tight knowing how much work and sleepless nights they put into showcasing their beautiful work! We plan on exhibiting in 2013 and taking the classes again.

Heidi Miller
Mango Ink

We had been thinking of exhibiting at the National Stationery Show and had walked it once, but everything about being an actual exhibitor at the show was very vague...until TSBC! Every question was answered, even the ones we hadn't thought of yet. The webinars gave us a solid foundation and we arrived at NSS as prepared as we could be, knowing what to expect thanks to the advice from the alumni on the TBSC webinars. I can't thank TSBC enough (plus, the alumni Facebook group is awesome!).

Chantal Bennett
Papillion Press

5 stars! I signed up for TSBC not knowing what to expect. After session 1 I was sold! The dial in sessions were so helpful and the opportunity of the question and answer at the end were a nice surprise. To top it all off, the Facebook page offered a nice platform for the conversations to continue. It is nice to know that when you're in a pinch and need someone to offer advice or guidance, they are just a click away. I highly recommend TSBC to all exhibitors, new and seasoned!

Shelley Seguinot
Im Inkpressed

The details on the preparation of the booth I think was invaluable. They gave tips on things to avoid, be prepared for, items you will need, a long don't do list but in a tone that was positive and reassuring that something will go wrong - but go with the flow!

TSBC alum

I would never have found the information I got there, even with all my googling. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and wisdom!

TSBC alum

TSBC was single-handedly the most helpful part of my NSS planning, and I don't know if I would have maintained my sanity this long without the encouragement and insight that all the other speakers offered.

Stephanie Colestock
Pink Orchid Press

Taking part in Tradeshow Bootcamp was the best investment I made in preparing for the National Stationery Show. I went into my first tradeshow feeling confident and prepared directly because of the knowledge I gained in TSBC sessions. I learned everything from the nitty gritty details of booth design and the types of questions buyers will ask to how to best market yourself and ways follow-up with retailers post-show. Katie curated an excellent series of speakers who are leaders in their respective areas. I also found the Facebook group to be an invaluable resource for asking questions, learning more about the industry, and getting to know other designers. I highly recommend TSBC to anyone considering a tradeshow in their future!

Brannon Cullum
Happy Cactus Designs

I took a leap of faith and plunked down my money to exhibit at the National Stationery Show - a first time exhibitor with a less than two year old business! Thank goodness I found Tradeshow Bootcamp. This series taught me so much, got me as prepared as I could be and helped make my first year at NSS a huge success. Thank you Katie! I couldn't have done it without you!

Liz Glasgow
The White Cabinet

TSBC was extremely valuable for a first-timer like myself to learn the nitty-gritty details about how to actually participate in a tradeshow - like cost, time, what goes into set-up - rather than just the generics you hear (Oh, it's a lot of work, but worth it!). I also felt a strong sense of community - that the participants were willing to support one another through the sharing of experiences and it was okay to ask questions, even dumb ones!

TSBC alum

I learned so much from this Bootcamp. I will be signing up again, since I mainly took the last one to gain general procedural info, and now might actually take the dive for 2012. Highly recommend and feel it made me so much more aware of not only the NSS, but of the wonderful & helpful folks in the Greeting Card industry. THANK YOU for putting this together.

Katie Daniels
Concrete Lace

Thanks for a great Spring 2012 TSBC teleconference series as well as the LA Intensive Workshop! It is evident a lot of time and energy has been put into these, very appreciative of your organization & knowledge.

Lindsay Kath
Branch & Cotton

Thank you for the program. Like all of us, I'm spending a ton on this booth and am trying to save where I can, but I didn't hesitate for a moment when deciding to take the program and I wasn't in the least disappointed.

TSBC alum

Tradeshow Bootcamp is one of the best tools I used to prepare for the National Stationery Show. No one is trying to sell you products or make you anxious about the rules. These are real life exhibitors who have been there and know what it's like to worry about walls and buyers. They give you real life tips that made me feel prepared and confident to answer various questions. What other seminar offers the point of view of top buyers and bloggers? Where else can you learn the ins and outs of putting a booth together without someone selling you something you really don't need? Katie has a great approach to each seminar and everything is organized extremely well. One of the best parts is that after each seminar you receive notes with resources and even a recording of the call. I found this extremely helpful as I prepped late into the night and could refresh my memory with helpful insight and tips!

Claudia Smith
Fig. 2 Design

This was AWESOME! it was so incredibly helpful to hear candid insight and experiences from our peers that have been thru the whole thing before. i highly recommend signing up for the next one if katie decides to do another series! she did a fantastic job of selecting exhibitors and retailers with the inside scoop and relevant info to share. the calls went super smooth and always got extra time for all of our crazy questions! love it and definitely recommend to anyone considering exhibiting!

Robyn Wehab
Meant To Be Sent

This was so great and I'm so glad I found out about TSBC. The NSS is daunting from a first-timer perspective and after the workshops I feel prepared and much more confident. Thank you!

TSBC alum

I learned SO much from each and every workshop and appreciated the ability to get inside info about the logistics behind doing a tradeshow, the freedom to ask questions to experts, and the opportunity to network with other designers and professionals in the industry!

TSBC alum

Tradeshow Bootcamp has been such an invaluable resource to me during the past year! I’m so thankful for the speaker’s approachable nature and the savvy bootcamp classes. Thank you thank you!

Catherine Polacek
Printerette Press

Thanks for all the great info! I learned more than I could have imagined. I definitely feel like I can go into my first NSS prepared!

Megan Mulloy-Huhn
I can't tell you how much TSBC prepared me for what I was walking into at the Stationery Show. The prep work, the booth, the little hints, and tricks you gave me helped beyond measure. I went in with low expectations, but everything went so smoothly and I surpassed my sales goals at NSS!  And, Papyrus, Barnes and Nobles, American Eagle and Anthro want to talk more. These things are happening all because you and your team got me ready. I mean reeeeeaaaaaaddddyyyyy!  Thanks for all you do!
Lisa Sarmento
Tiramisu Paperie
Being part of the TSBC community has been a godsend, truly. I can't thank you enough for building this network, of all these brilliant creative wonderful women, and giving me a place to go when I need support, answers, or just understanding. It has been priceless!
Kat Parrella
Merrily Paper Boutique